Ajay Shrivastava

Ajay Shrivastava

Qualified Independent Director, Member Corporate Law Committee at FTCCI, Hyderabad

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Amaresh Rao

CTVS Surgeon & Head of Department at Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad


Nilesh Desai

Founder of SMEA Analytics Pvt Ltd| MSME Expert| Speaker| MSME Consultant| Advisor| Author

Deepthi Reddy

Deepthi Reddy

Innovative Serial Entrepreneur, Concept Consultant & Strategic leader

Abhilasha Nagori

Abhilasha Nagori

Teen -Youth Skill Educator LifeCoach ParenTeen Mentor, Perspective & EI Coach Making Beauty Out of Chaos.

Dr. Anasuya Roy

Entrepreneur and Innovator| Founder at Nanosafe Solutions| Biotechnology Ignition Grantee


Strategic Patners