About Us

You will agree, each one of us has felt the need to talk to somebody – a guide or a mentor while going through a transition or challenge in our life. But, only a lucky few find such help. A professional or entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges thus at varies stages he/she needs a mentor -who is a “brain to pick, an ear to listen and push in the right direction.” There is no shortage of experienced mentors in India and across the globe.

Askmentor is a unique network that connects seasoned professionals with young professionals and wantrepreneur with entrepreneurs. On this platform, mentees receive One-on-One mentoring from experienced and vetted mentors. AskMentor is the place where you will find a mentor who is not only a domain expert but also someone who matches your wavelength.

Our Philosophy

The truth is, mentoring is the differentiator in how you shape up in Professional and Personal life. Askmentor firmly believes that startups shall fair better if mentored right from the ideation stage. It is a well-established fact that startups need, more than anything, a good mentor who can give one-on-one mentoring over an extended period. AskMentor is the X-factor in your armor.

Mentor & AskMentor

Anybody with Knowledge & Experience and with a will to Teach, Inspire & Motivate can be a Mentor. Seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals can help entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey. If you like to Teach, Inspire and Motivate the NextGen entrepreneurs then askmentor is the platform for you. A mentor can contribute and build audience base by way of writing blogs, articles and sharing experience on the platform.

Mentee & AskMentor

A mentee gets to Talk, Share, Questions and Learn from experienced mentors. He/she can connect with mentors through one-on-one sessions, webinars, workshops, meetups and forum.